Gift Ideas for Woman Who Has Everything (Except a Few Key Hormones)

Medically reviewed by Dr. Tamara Neuhaus MD

Deck the halls, light the candles, click the “add to cart” buttons. With the gift-giving season in full swing, don’t forget your peri/menopause besties, including yourself. We’ve curated a list of gifts, gadgets, and work-arounds for common peri/menopause symptoms. We know they’re great because we and our friends have tried and love them (and no, we’re not getting any kick-backs for doing this—bad planning on our part). So you can add them to your shopping list or wish list, knowing they’ll make life that much more pleasant for the amazing women in your mid-life.

Cool Down The Hot Flashes

Hot Girls Pearls $75

Part fashion accessory, part ice pack. Store Hot Girls Pearls (and their insulated travel pouch) in the freezer, then throw them on whenever a hot flash hits for instant relief. One of our writers owns a set and swears by it for home use. “But as they warm up, the condensation can get a little messy. So I don’t wear them out and about.”

Menopod: $106

Now, you can take this discrete cooling device just about anywhere. Charge it up like you would your cell phone, whip it out as soon as a hot flash hits and hold its cool copper plate against the back of your neck. Co-workers will assume it’s a little neck massager and admire you for your commitment to self-care. 

Put Night Sweats On Ice

BedJet: $499-1129 

This rapid cooling & warming system regulates your bed’s temperature with quiet airflow throughout the night, from right under the covers. A friend of one of our employees turned us on to this, saying she and her wife don’t know how they slept without it before. 

ChiliPad $499-1199

Another way to keep your bed (and you) at optimum sleeping temperature is this thermoregulating mattress pad filled with water. If you ever owned a waterbed, you probably remember it had to be heated to be comfortable. That’s because water conducts cold more efficiently than air. ChiliPad puts that law of physics to work for you.

Bring Sexy Back

The Womanizer $79-229 This magical gadget allows you or someone of your choosing to stimulate your clitoris...without direct contact! So it’s perfect for women who experience vaginal pain or dryness. Selflessly tested by one of The Cusp staff whose husband asked, “Does it suck? Does it wiggle?” To which she replied. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes!!”

Foria Pleasure $76 

Organic coconut oil and THC, the active chemical in cannabis, come together (yes, we went there) in this natural arousal lube. The review from one of us at The Cusp: “It definitely helps you get there, faster and stronger. I think I was buzzing a little.”

Quim Night Moves Intimate Oil $46

This cannabis-based lube gets its silky feel from tea tree oil (but not enough to make it feel like a breath mint in the wrong place). When our intrepid product tester compared it to Foria Pleasure, she found Night Moves to be more subtle. “It just softens the edges of everything, makes it velvety smooth and luscious.”

One important note about both of these lubes: they both need time to activate, so you have to apply them about 20 minutes before business time.

Stop The Leaks

Thinx Period Panties $24-39 

If only they’d had Thinx when we were going through puberty! At least we can benefit from their uber absorbency now when our periods are even more irregular and occasionally torrential. 

Speax $28-35

Brought to us by the same geniuses who created Thinx, these leak-proof, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking undies are designed specifically to protect clothes (and self-confidence) from bladder leaks.

We also love how Thinx and Speax help keep waste from entering our landfills by eliminating the need for disposable panty liners.

Breathe. Sleep. Be.

Calm No cost - $70/year 

Way more than a meditation app, Calm also offers music playlists, master classes, and bedtime stories for adults and children. From one of our sleep-challenged employees: “The first time I listened to one of the bedtime stories, I lasted a full 10 minutes before zonking out. It took me three or four nights to finally make it to the end of the story.”

Headspace No cost - $70/yr

This is another app that guides you through meditation and mindfulness exercises. Review from The Cusp: “I took the basic mindfulness class on my commute home and did some of the best parenting of my life that night. Coincidence?”

Drop The Weight

Noom $59-199

This web-based weight loss program helps you change behaviors around eating and exercise. The goal is to develop new and healthier habits that will not only shave off unwanted pounds but help reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Omada No cost, if eligible 

Omada is similar to Noom, but was developed specifically for people whose weight and lifestyle habits already put them at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease. If you qualify, and your employer or health insurance provider offer it as a covered benefit, the program costs you nothing. One of our staff went through the Omada Program, reached her weight goal and has maintained it for three years and counting.


Lipikar Balm Intense Repair Moisturizing Cream by La Roshe-Posay $20 

The Cusp official review: “This stuff is life-changing. It completely cleared up the little bumps on the back of my arms and rejuvenated my dry, cracked skin. It will forever be part of my daily routine.” We especially love that it’s not greasy, doesn’t stick to your clothes, is free of parabens and fragrance, and hydrates for up to 48 hours. 

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements  $50/mo.

One of our doctors here at The Cusp first learned about Viviscal from one of her patients who used it successfully to regrow hair. Did we mention that this patient is a supermodel? ‘Nuff said.

The Whole Schmegegge

The Cusp Membership $120-210

Obvs, we couldn’t NOT include this. Our doctors are peri/menopause experts (an extremely rare breed) who can prescribe natural remedies and/or prescription treatments, including hormone therapy (HRT), for women living in California and New York. Instead of writing our own review, we’ll give one of our other members the honors: “Dr. Tammy was the first doctor to finally connect all of the dots. She cut through the noise, told me what I was experiencing was ‘real,’ and walked me through the research and evidence so I could make informed choices. No patriarchal nonsense. No judgment. I always feel heard and treated like an adult person!”

Happiest of holidays to you and yours, from all of us at The Cusp!

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